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Cecilia wrote.

I was introduced to Mr Foy’s Tai Chi classes by an established member of his group. “He’s good” was the remark. Since early 2017 I have been a student at his weekly Tuesday sessions. I broke my wrist in February 2016 and really lost confidence in getting around, regularly on walking sticks and a rollator because of increasing joint problems.

Mr Foy’s most positive and encouraging tactics must have paid off. I am astonished and relieved at attaining so much mobility and no longer have any use for any walking aids.

I really am convinced of these marvellous Tai Chi exercises for this septuagenarian and think of Mr Foy as an accomplished exponent of the art.

(Mrs) Mary Cecilia Evans.


Phil Evans wrote:

I have been attending Steve's classes for a few years and have made noticeable improvements in my fitness and flexibility levels. Feet, hip and finger aches and pains that I previously had have been practically eliminated.  I feel fitter now than I have done for over a decade.

Sö-Pa Tai Chi Chuan is proving to be a great form of exercise for people of all ages as witnessed by the diversity of the pupils in his classes. It's great fun to do and also a grand way to make new friends and exercise in a non-threatening environment – Steve and his pupils are welcoming and very supportive to all newcomers to his classes both novices and those with previous experience.

Phil Evans

Wuan Fawr, Aberystwyth

Karin Major Feb 2024

Really loving my weekly classes with Steve at Felin Fach. I've been discovering Tai Chi for about a year. It is a great way to look after your health. When I started I had been struggling with some Plantar Fasiti for some time. This eased considerably over the following weeks, until it disappeared completely. Steve finds a great balance between your comfort zone and your stretch zone, taking care you don't do too much too soon. With weekly classes and some practice at home in between people progress rapidly, I feel better in my self and everyone in my class is visibly fitter and healthier each week. We also had a couple of picnics!!. Cannot recommend highly enough.

Sarah Roberts wrote:

I met Steve when he was demonstrating Tai Chi to an Arthritis Care pain self management course I was attending at the Morlan Centre in Aberystwyth. We were a group of older women with very differing states of movement ability. Steve led us through a careful and thoughtfully planned series of Tai Chi stretches and exercises, adapted for sitting or standing. He showed Tai Chi was a path to explore to get and keep moving. This advice to exercise is the most consistently repeated advice from Arthritis Research to increase mobility and reduce pain. Steve spoke with passion on how Tai Chi was a gentle but strong art that had been shown to improve balance, co-ordination, stamina and strength and could calm the heart and mind. 

I decided to check out his classes and dragging a friend along we accidentally attended the more advanced class available. Although overwhelming at the start I appreciated having more experienced Tai Chi practitioners to watch and learn from. Steve copes well with a wide range of abilities in his classes and it is fun and exciting to learn the way a Chinese world view is expressed and celebrated in the movement forms and the martial origins of particular gestures and actions.  Steve’s style of teaching is informal, non-judgemental and supportive. He really knows the forms and movement and watching him is the best teaching.


Sarah Roberts


Jez wrote:

I have been practising Tai chi for many years and have found it to be a great way to keep fit both physically and mentally. I currently attend the classes run by Steven Foy in Aberystwyth.  I find them enjoyable and challenging, with plenty of scope for everyone in the class to develop at their own pace.   Highly recommended!


Jez Danks

(story teller, musician. Tells the story of a man who has decided that it’s never too late to change)


Glenn Strachan, Aberystwyth.

I have attended Steve's classes for just over a year and I have felt the considerable benefit in terms of improved balance and flexibility. Steve provides detailed tuition for all abilities and draws on his extensive experience of martial arts to give informed explanations behind the exercises, the moves and the wider benefits of Tai Chi.

Micheal Gale Feb 2024

I have been a regular student at Steve Foy's classes in Aberystwyth, Llannon and Felin Fach for a year now. I can report increased flexability, stability, stamina and strength, plus a weight lossand reduction in blood pressure. Add to this an increased sence of well being and inner calm that makes me wish I had started in my 30's rather than waiting until my 60's. my partner and I were made to feel really welcome when we started as beginners - Steve and his students were extreamely supportive and we now see them as part of our extended family.If you are reading this I would urge you to give Tai Chi a try. You wont regret it.

Carol wrote :

I am really enjoying my Tai Chi classes with Steve. Whether you just want to keep mobile or want to delve deeper into the various aspects of Tai Chi, Steve manages successfully to make sure that your needs are answered. He is sensitive to those who have limited mobility and challenges those who are keen to progress further - and there is a lot of laughter and fun in the classes too! I find myself really looking forward to the class each week, and feeling that the hour goes by far too quickly.

Carol Jenkins

Clerach, Aberystwyth.

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