Warm Up's

Our warm up prior the "doing" Tai Chi are, when examined tightly woven into everything we do,The deeper the practice the more important the correct warm up becomes.


The  benefits for the participant are bountiful and greatly improve flexibility, balance, strength and mobility. giving a great sense of well-being.

They should never be over looked.

They are a stand alone group of exercise but once unraveled, the details show us how to care for our physical bodies through Tai Chi Practice.

Allowing our practice of forms to become body art through  the practice pf Tai Chi Chaun.

Click on the pdf file for the sequence of exercise to help you ask questions and to help with memory.

Click the video to see Breath and Seaweed exercise  and the pdf for introduction to the method of practice

The way to a healthy life.

Learning to Breath,. A beginners instruction  manual .

Easy to follow, over coming the change from superficial breathing to abdominal  breathing in 4 easy steps,. Just takes practice.

                                                Click the pdf.