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Our History

 Sö-Pa School of Tai Chi Aberystwyth 


Founded by Master Thomas Buchi Shhan 5th Dan.

Sö-Pa means compassion for the aggressor.

Master Thomas Buchi first started Karate-Do training in Switzerland in 1986. He trained with Paul and Juanita Baumann till the end of 1987 when he left for South Africa to train full time at the Karate-Do Institute.

The Kancho Hugh St John Thompson was the Head of the System and Teacher at Honbu Dojo in Stilbaai South Africa. His wife Renshi Alana van Rensburg was mainly running the Farm at the time.

Around 1985 he also started to learn Meditation and found that meditation helps find the quiet in oneself. His teacher, Henry von Schumacher, is an outstanding man of great integrity.

Master Thomas's first contact with Tai-Chi Quan was at the Karate School in Kapstadt, South Africa. His teacher was Hanshi Denis St. John Thompson.

Master Thomas stayed in South Africa at the Karate-Do headquarters in Stilbaai until 1998. During this time the Systems name was changed to its present name of Kushido Karate –Do.

Before Master Thomas left Aberystwyth, he passed his school of Tai Chi Chuan over to me for safe keeping, Si heng(older brother) Steve Foy. My back ground has been in Shaolin Mok Gau Kung Fu and Wu style Tai Chi Chuan. My teacher was  SiFu Robert Morgan who learnt his craft from Master Chan, from Hong kong and founded the Shoulin Mok Gau school of Kung Fu in Coventry.

I was born in 1963 and have studied martial arts since my early 20's and I am now in my 60th year. My studies of Shoalin Mok Gau Kung Fu spanned over 15 years. I studied Wu style Tai Chi for the same amount of time. I have also delved into 5 rhythms dance, Yoga, Qi Gong, meditation, Karate, Kung Fu and other healing, including Meditation and Toltec wisdom's of self knowledge. 

My experiences have helped me progress very quickly in Master Thomas's Tai Chi School.  It is a honour to have been given the opportunity to pass on some of the wisdom shared with me by my teachers.  I am particularly grateful to Master Thomas Buchi for all he has added to my knowledge of Tai Chi. Thank You Master Thomas, I know I shall always be a student of Tai Chi Chaun, so much to be learned, a way of life.

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